US Youth Soccer

MRL Administration

Midwest Regional League Commission

The current administrative structure of an eight-person MRL Commission shall cease at the conclusion of the 2014-15 season. Current Commission members are: 

  • Chairman, Bill Podewils, US Youth Soccer Region II Director
  • Paul Luchowski, MRL Commissioner
  • Bud Manley, At-Large Trustee 
  • Bill Bruno, At-Large Trustee 
  • Sarah Shiguango, At-Large Trustee
  • Tom Turner, Ohio North Youth Soccer Association Director of Coaching
  • Gordon Henderson, Ohio South Youth Soccer Association Director of Coaching
  • vacant

Midwest Regional League 2015-16 Administration
2015-16 ExCo and Subcommittees as of May 12 2015

Midwest Regional League Commissioner
Paul Luchowski
Tel: 440-353-1199

Midwest Regional League Referee Director
Ryan Cigich
Tel. 918-231-8750